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All our members must be capable or providing themselves with a fixed position from which to shoot, and for this a PORTABLE HIDE KIT is required, comprising camouflage netting sized approximately 5' x 12' plus several height-adjustable poles from which to hang the netting. For this purpose we can supply a HIDE POLE SET comprising four lightweight aluminium poles which are telescopic/height-adjustable and are fitted with kick-plates, complete with a carrying bag for £35 excluding carriage.

It is very important that, prior to erecting any 'hide', the position must be deemed safe to shoot from and the occupant has a clear sight of where any shots from it will go.

There is now a fantastic choice of woodpigeon decoys and related equipment available in the market place and whilst many experienced decoyers have their own favourites, newcomers should make their choice very carefully as some items on offer are quite simply non-essential. If anyone is in any doubt as to just what IS essential, please call us on 07702 333323.

Plastic Shell Pigeon Decoys are essential, and anything up to 40 or so might be required depending upon the crop being shot over and also the time of year.