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Finding Locations

Locations are pinpointed using grid references from the Ordnance Survey Landranger© series of numbered fold-out maps.

They are convenient and easy to use, and cost approximately £6 each. Currently we are working from 14 maps and each one defines a specific area.

Each field is given a unique ordnance survey grid reference number which can be pencilled onto the relevant fold-out map.

Alternatively, go to and follow the prompts. Key in our reference number and see the field in the centre of a 2km square map which you can print out.

Once you have become accustomed to finding our locations both on the map and on the land, then armed with the necessary equipment and a modicum of fieldcraft, you can look forward to achieving similar to (or maybe better than!) this modest bag demonstrated by NPPC member Michael Fenwick.

Pigeon shooting